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Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many different forms of counselling and therapy, how do I know what is right for me?

Yes, you may hear mention of CBT, person-centred, Gestalt, solution-focussed, psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, CAT and many more. The relationship with your counsellor or therapist is more important than the way in which they work. Concentrate on finding the right person, someone with whom you could feel comfortable sharing difficult feelings, your innermost concerns.

There are so many different qualifications, how do I know if you are properly trained?

It is hard to know. Ask the person about their qualifications and what they mean. Are they accredited or registered with one of the main voluntary regulatory bodies such as BACP [for counsellors] UKCP for psychotherapists. Look up their professional body on the web.

How long would I have to come and see you?

This is something we would talk about together. An individual therapy can last from a few months to several years.

How often would I need to see you?

We would meet once a week on the same day at the same time. Sometimes I later suggest that you may benefit from coming more frequently.

When I look around other people seem to have such huge things to deal with. My problem may not be worth bringing.

It is not a competition! If it troubles you it is worth talking about.

Can therapy help everyone?

People who benefit most are likely to want to understand themselves better. They will be committed to the therapy even when the going gets tough.

There are some people for whom therapy is not advisable. It could make them worse or at best be ineffective. These include:

  • people using drugs or alcohol to excess
  • people on very high doses of prescribed medication
  • people who are not minded to work at becoming self-aware
  • people who want a "quick-fix," therapy can be slow and painful.

  • Do you see couples?

    No. I am not trained to work with couples.

    Do you see children?
    No. I am only trained to work with adults, usually aged 18 and over.

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